About Our Service

MyCustomDay.com is an Intelligent Service that will simplify your life and add creative, enjoyable experiences to your social calendar. When you sign-up for membership, you'll tell us your likes and dislikes in areas such as Dining, Music, Entertainment, etc. From then on, whenever you open MyCustomDay.com, you will see exactly what you want to see in each of the categories you choose. This saves you all the time everyone else has to spend searching cluttered sites full of useless information just trying to find something you'd be interested in.

There are two ways to build a fabulous Itinerary for yourself using MyCustomDay.com. You can either choose your own hand-selected events, specials and deals to drag and drop into your very own Social Calendar....OR.... You can let us do all the work for you. We'll help you as much or as little as you want to create a memorable experience.

Benefits to membership:

  • We do all the work for you to find events, restaurants, festivals and other happenings you want to see.
  • Easily find what you want with Thumbnail pictures and Info in your selected categories.
  • Take advantage of thousands of Discounts, Deals, Coupons and Special Offers from your favorite places.
  • Real-Time Specials/What's Hot updates for the latest and greatest deals around.
  • Exclusive offers for MyCustomDay.com members only.
  • Search option to show you exactly what you want, even outside your normal categories.
  • MyCustomDay.com will donate $1.00 per month from your membership to the organization of your choice listed in our Affiliate Program including: Churches, Charities, Schools and more.
  • Members can request to receive SMS Text messages with up-to-date information such as: Kids Eat Free locations, Buy-One/Get-One deals, Happy Hours, Fairs/Carnivals and more.
  • Your very own Social Calendar with stored Itineraries, Date ideas, Specials, and more.
  • Let us create a Custom Date using the package that fits your event best. We can arrange everything from reservations, flowers, tickets, transportation, photos, gifts, placement of special items at the venue(s), celebrity interaction, unique requests, and more. All with the best deals in town, saving you a bundle!

Membership is Free!

So...What are you waiting for??? Let us get to work for you........

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